Leadership & Committees

I’m proud and excited to announce that the Board of Commissioners has elected me as Vice President of the Board for 2019. I’ll be working with Lisa Borowski, our Board President, on crafting agendas meetings, and working with the Board to drive our goals for the year.

I’m also pleased to report that I’ve been made the chair of the Sewer & Public Works Subcommittee for 2019. Sewers were a big issue in 2018: we voted on selling the sewer to a private utility, we increased sewer rents, and we suffered millions of dollars in emergency failures. Those costs were a big driver in the need to increase municipal taxes. In spite of that, the prior chair of the subcommittee did not call a meeting in 2018. I’m looking forward to ending that apathy and working with the public and Township staff to upgrade our aging infrastructure so that 2020 doesn’t have the emergency costs that we saw last year.