Democratic Commissioner Candidates Appointed for Special Elections in Wards 1 and 7
In addition to the “normal” primary election in Radnor this May, we are holding TWO special elections for Township Commissioner in Ward 1 and Ward 7, respectively. Normally, people are only allowed to vote within their party of registration in the primary. For that reason, Independents often do not bother to show up for primary elections because they cannot vote for any candidates (they can, however, vote on a referendum question if there is one). This year, however, Democrats, Republicans AND Independents in Wards 1 and 7 CAN vote on May 15th for their Township Commissioner. It is basically a general election for these two Commissioner races–but held in May instead of November. The winners will serve out the remaining unexpired terms until the seats are up for a full four-year term in November 2019.

Because it is a special election, there are no nominating petitions and no primary election. Instead, the rules of the Democratic Party dictate that the Democratic Committeepeople (both elected and appointed) in each ward shall convene and vote to appoint the Democratic candidate who will then appear on the ballot in May. The “convention” where the Democratic Committeepeople “convened” was held on Saturday, March 10th, and after reviewing resumes and interviewing prospective candidates, the selections were made. In Ward 1, John “Jack” Larkin will be the Democratic candidate for Commissioner, and, in Ward 7, Sean Farhy, the current Interim Commissioner, will be the Democratic candidate. The Radnor Democratic Committee believes that both Jack and Sean will represent the values of our party and the interests of their constituents well and run strong campaigns to retake the majority on the Board of Commissioners. Come to our meeting this Tuesday, March 13th, to meet them both.