Thank you!

I’m hugely grateful to everyone who turned out and voted yesterday. I’m eager to get started on the projects that I’ve discussed with you, and am looking forward to working with Township staff in the coming days to make the common goals of the First Ward a reality.

Over the last few months, culminating in yesterday’s marathon, the support that I received from friends, colleagues, neighbors, and members of the Radnor Democrats has been astounding. When I asked for help yesterday morning, volunteers who were manning the polls asked their friends to make calls; the callers asked their friends to walk door-to-door; the walkers asked their friends to send e-mails and Facebook posts. I did not expert or deserve so much of your time, but I hope to earn it over the next eighteen months by tackling stormwater and traffic safety problems with you.

The election results in Wards 1 and 7 speak for themselves and represent a clear mandate from the electorate to the Board. That said, some numerical perspective is also in order. In 2014, the most recent comparable primary, just 328 people came out to vote in the First Ward. Last year, it was 396. Yesterday, 794 people voted in the First Ward, not including absentee ballots. I’m pleased to have won, but I’m also painfully aware that, in any normal year, the 294 votes cast in the First Ward for the Republican candidate would have been a blow-out victory for the other side. Many of my neighbors supported Bill Morrisey who, in a tense political climate, has been nothing but collegial.

In the next few months I look forward to working with my Republican neighbors and colleagues on the Board, and not just the Democrats, to ensure that the interests of the entire Township are served. Our elections are partisan and our government is made better by competition between the parties, but it fails its ends when it becomes exclusionary.

Thank you to everyone, and I look forward to working with you!